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Hardwall Marine Exhaust Hose

Hardwall Marine Exhaust Hose
Part No - 4073/100EPDM

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This hose is designed for a wide range of applications form engine coolant to marine wet exhaust

  • Extremely flexible where tight bend radius is a must
  • Reinforced with a single wire helix and synthetic ply for low pressure or vaccum service
  • Meets SAEJ2006 marine exhaust spec.
  • Resistant to heat, mild oils, chemicals, ozone, and abrasion
  • Ideal for marine, auto, and construction industries
  • Hose is sold in 50ft lengths or increments of 10ft
  • If you want 30ft (for example), order 3 each at 10ft and specify on order that you want one continuous 30ft piece.
  • Temperature range -40 Deg F to +200 Deg F