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Plumber's Pak O-Ring Kit

Plumber's Pak O-Ring Kit
Part No - K200X12P

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  • Material: 70 Durometer (low water swell) Nitrile
  • Other materials are avialble, call for quote.
  • Plumber\'s Pak O-ring kit contains an assortment of 200 O-rings in twelve popular plumbing sizes. The O-rings are made from an industrial grade nitrile, which offers good resistance to a variety of fluids.
  • Also included in the kit is a helpful dual sided card that shows both the silhouette, and a cross-reference for common plumbing fixtures that each O-ring fits.
  • The primary advantage of nitrile is that it exhibits moderate water swell at tempertaures up to 212°F.

  • AS568 sizes and quantities are:
    -35 each of 010 and 011
    -25 each of 012 and 110
    -15 each of 111
    -10 each of 112 thru 116
    -8 each of 211
    -7 each of 212.
  • Minimum order product line is $200.00